TRB Traffic Simulation Committee ACP80

Dear members, friends and visitors of Traffic Simulation Committee (ACP 80)


Committee Vision (Draft): Traffic Simulation Committee(formerly SimSub AHB45(1))became a TRB standing committee in 2020. The committee's strategic objective is to coordinate the efforts of the multiple TRB committees to promote and endorse use of simulation tools in transportation system analysis. As technology advances, traffic simulation is playing an increasing role as a problem solving tool for transportation system analysis. The interest in simulation cuts across the boundaries of several TRB committees and there is a need to coordinate the efforts to avoid duplication of works and potential conflicts.

The main objectives of Traffic Simulation Committee have been identified, as a result of discussions held in previous meetings, as activities to:

1.       Provide a forum for presentation, discussion and dissemination of information on traffic simulation models.

2.       Recommend parent committee actions on:

a.       Capabilities of existing models

b.      “Best practices” and guidelines of model application

c.       Development of improved models

d.      Calibration and validation issues

3.       Maintain liaison with other TRB committees and FHWA, especially with the NGSIM project.

4.       Promote basic research on simulation models

5.       Identify data needs and research problem statements

We welcome your participation in SimSub activities and your comments on how to improve SimSub’s impact on traffic simulation industry.

Ms. Lahiri, Sanhita, Dr. Mohammed Hadi,

TRB Traffic Simulation Committee Co-Chairs